Pavizham Jewellers Coimbatore Introduces "Pavizham Gold Chest" Three monthly savings schemes that fetches amazing purchasing benefits. The duration of the scheme is 20 months with monthly remitance of Rs.250/-,Rs.500/-or Rs. 1000/- at the end of the scheme on the 21st month you get gold ornaments worth Rs. 5,500/-, Rs. 11,000/- or Rs. 22,000/-respectively in addition to other benefits..

Monthly Installments Total amt Remitted Bonus Total
Rs.250/-(20) Months Rs. 5000/- Rs.500/- Rs.5500/-
(20) Months
(20) Months
Rs. 10000/- Rs.1000/- Rs.11000/-
(20) Months
(20) Months
Rs. 20000/- Rs.2000/- Rs.22000/-
(20) Months


  • Free Accident Policy
  • Free gold Coin on Second Installament
  • You will be proud owner of Pavizham Gold Card for the purchase of ornaments at a discount of Rs. 100/- per Soverign (not for Gold Coin)
  • You can join the scheme any time
  • Those want to get cash back can withdraw from the scheme any time
  • Gold ornaments dose not include Gold Coin